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Appreciation Gifts

--by mindyjourney, posted May 20, 2020
Presenting gifts for the post office staff and librarians — little origami boxes with a strawberry jam bar inside and a positive watercolor paper note.

Anytime we can give from our hearts using our creative talents, it amps up the LOVE 💕!!!
Let those folks being of service while we are in isolation know how much we appreciate them 😊.
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sanaayad wrote: Aww so sweet =)
balou wrote: a wonderfully kind gesture again, dear Mindy :-)
Mish wrote: They will smile wide 👍❤️
dotmatrix wrote: Beautiful, Mindy. ♥.
lya348 wrote: How wonderful! they must have been thrilled to get them.
DANCE wrote: How beautiful and kind, thank u dear Mindy

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