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She Calls Me Father

--by Rajni, posted Jun 23, 2020

I did not remember her, but recently a young woman’s email note surprised me and brought tears of joy.

Her email began, “We met in a subway train in Queens, New York...”

Fate had seated us next to each other.

She wrote that she had been sad and depressed. She did not want to talk or face a genuine smile from someone like me. Life meant nothing to her at that moment. Her sad feelings did not stop me. I continued to talk to her about hope, faith and love. I gave her quote cards that she put in her bag.

At home she was shocked to find the words on the quote cards resonated with her present situation. She became very happy and forgot the dark side of her life. Her grateful heart wanted to see me again to thank me about the kindness she received.

She felt that God had sent me to help her feel better. This made her believe more in God.

She talked about me on many occasions. She spoke about me at her graduation from Columbia in 2017. She even shared about our meeting in class presentations.

She searched for me for 3 years with no results. She did not know I was connected to KindSpring. Last week she talked with her family and thought I might be working at She prayed a lot during the last 3 years to find me.

In an email to KindSpring, not knowing my name, she explained my face and our meeting. I am very grateful to KindSpring for going the extra mile to find my email ID and be the connecting bridge between us.

Fatemah is eager to meet me when I visit New York next year. She said my talk changed her life, but I am just an instrument of God.

I have given away probably over fifty thousand cards, but the one she received is priceless.

I salute her perseverance, self-confidence and prayers from a heart filled with gratitude.

These are the keys to success and she proved it.

I consider her email and connect as a precious gift in time as  a Father's Day gift.
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Readers Comments

Margazhi wrote: This is was divinely orchestrated that you both bond. I pray her sadness gets transmuted into one of lightness over time. God bless her.
Marge McLean wrote: Om sai ram embodiments of divine ❤️ love. Swami’s grace flows beautifully through this encounter.
aartishah22 wrote: The power of kindness reaches far beyond what anyone could ever imagine & can literally change the course of ones life.
May you & Fatima be forever blessed. 💜
Rajni wrote: Those who wish to make quote cards to share with others may send me personal message.
mindyjourney wrote: Oh, how beautiful the unfolding grace of your Divine connection, dear brother Rajni! ❤️ What an amazing story! Thank you for being such an instrument hope, faith and love 🙏.
Linda Sue Burhans wrote: Beautiful! Touched my heart.
rajni wrote: I am grateful to KS friend who helped me put this story in perspective.

I am also grateful to Sri Sathya Sai Baba for all His blessings to make this story unfold.
pluto178 wrote: Lovely x
michelelpurce wrote: what a beautiful meeting and story. thanks so much for sharing. i think today reminds us that we can make a difference in small things and small time. :) Happy Fathers day! :)
Mish wrote: A “Heaven-sent” connect, for sure. Your kindness mission helps more people than you might know, dear Rajni. This is beautiful. Bless you both. ❤️🙏❤️

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