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Recycling Generosity

--by jimbarnard, posted Jul 5, 2020
I don't usually have access to a car, but today I did and so I helped my neighbor take items to the recycling center,a It was then that the inspiration came to me for meeting the daily kindness challenge.

There are usually at least 4 men or women wearing those neon yellow uniforms giving directions for sorting the recycling and yard debris. It may be one of those jobs that is about as far away from glamorous as you can get.

Anyway my inspiration was to buy a festive basket as a present and return later. I decided on a basket of gourmet chocolates with a Christmas theme and wrote on the card
"Merry Christmas!

Thanks for all you do here at the recycling center
My life sure feels a bit lighter every time I pass through!"

It was closing time and no one was around in the little house they use as an office / coffee break space - so I left the basket and note on the table.

One of the workers, a young woman, was headed to their office as I was driving away so I stopped and I rolled down the window and told her what I had left.... she smiled a very surprised smile.

If I had to guess it had been a long time, if ever, that she gets a thank you.

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sarvata wrote: I love that story-we really must think more of those who really do the mundane jobs. I do smile at the man who goes round with a big rubbish collector and a picking-up grabber! maybe next time
sarvata wrote: .......sorry, I hadn't finished!... a gift of some sort at the tip! A special thankyou that is a surprise to someone must be a great gift!
melnotes wrote: Lovely kindness :)
sandyremillar wrote: Jim, so kind and thoughtful of you....yay!
pluto178 wrote: Lovely x
mindyjourney wrote: Great giving :))). Thank you for your kindness :))).
mish wrote: Beautiful, Jim!!
faithsandlove wrote: Nice, thank you for sharing!
DotMatrix wrote: This is so great. Tack! ♥.
wavingatyou wrote: What a lovely thank you :) and thank YOU!

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