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What I Learned from Isolation

--by kmbhai, posted Sep 17, 2020

Make more and more friends. Never bring ego into your relationship.

Love and compassion are the most valuable things on the earth. We all should try to get and give as much as we can.

Dear friends, life can take any turn at any time or movement. It is unpredictable and unstoppable. We can’t measure it. We just need to go with it. One more truth about life is; we can’t spend it alone. On so many occasions, we need people, family, friends and community to live the journey of life. And especially in our struggles, we need them more.

On March 16, 2020 my left leg was injured. At that time, I thought it was a simple injury, but a medical doctor later declared it a serious fracture and that I would have to be in bed for three months. It was shocking for me. I never spent more than 8 hours in bed.

I am a full time social worker and have many projects that require my active involvement.( I hardly had time to visit my home, but my fractured leg, along with CoVid19 stopped all things. I had to stay at home for a long time. It was bad and also good. It stopped all my work, but it also gave me an opportunity to spend time with myself and with my family.

I was depressed and worried. How would I spend three months in bed? Who will care for me? Early in my injury and prior to my operation, one of my friends offered his room in a rented house. I am grateful for his kind support. He did all things for me. I didn’t have any other options.

I realized in my mind and decided to be positive and change my lifestyle according to the situation. It was not so simple or easy. I needed to be more focused and calm. I began to practice meditation, read books, compose more poems and talked with friends. While in my isolation, I helped people obtain food and other essential things.

There were so many ups and downs in my confidence. So many times negative thoughts bothered me. I felt very depressed, but each time I got support from my family and friends. During this tough period, lots of good things also happened to me. I spent so much time with myself, that I had plenty of opportunity to read some good books and enhance my self esteem, while receiving good care from my friends and family.

After the operation on my leg, I realized I needed additional care, so I had to stay at Kindness Home, near my family. It was a very good experience to live there and discover firsthand what it means to be in need of such a healing space as Kindness Home.

I never thought that I would need the Kindness Home to stay. I had developed it for people in need. Excerpt from pamphlet: “Kindness Home, in Kanpur, India is a safe and secure home for people who want to visit India and enjoy a more authentic experience. You will live a natural life, free from much tech and internet overload, while experiencing our welcoming culture and traditional Indian life.”

Some of the Mini Library/Kind Wings boys helped me too much. They lived with me and cared for me as family. They are so kind and helpful. I love them so much. I am also very thankful to my family for their unconditional love and care. That helped me a lot in recovering and healing. Thank you so much. I am also very thankful to my entire Kindspring friends ( their continuous prayers and good wishes for my fast recovery.

I developed a Healing Garden at the Kindness Home during my recuperation. Planting flowers and various plants helped me heal. It was calming to water them, care for them and watch them grow. The garden helped heal me. As I nurtured the garden, I was nurtured.

Slowly, slowly time has passed and my leg has recovered. I started again to walk and do my work. I am fully recovered from my injury. I am feeling very calm and relaxed.

At the time of struggle and especially in tough situations, we feel the need of someone who can spend time with us and care for us. Their kind presence gives us so much strength and support, but it is also true that these people we can’t buy or hire from the market or any other place. They just meet in our heart and in our family/ friends. They never come for money or pride. They just need our love and friendship.

I hope that I will be able to help all of you when you are in need...

Thank you all so much.

With Love,
KM Bhai

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Readers Comments

Mish wrote: Thank you for sharing your healing journey with us, Kmbhai. For so very long you were always The Helper, The Giver...your kindness came back to you & you became The Receiver for once. Bless.
DANCE wrote: How lovely to read about your journey, what interesting learning experiences...and always kindness around
LoveyDovey wrote: Bless you!
screechingbird wrote: You have always been an inspiration for what you do for others. Now an inspiration on your journey in learning how to receive from others. A vulnerable place to be, and also an opportunity for others to offer kindness! Thank you for this sharing.
drjoybug wrote: Beautiful inspiration. Thank you
mindyjourney wrote: Challenging times for us all, but such dear lessons learned, my friend. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Grateful your leg has healed and you are able to continue with your social initiatives 😊 🌎 🕊.
Khokha wrote: Thank you for sharing your story here! You have given so much and later you had to learn how to receive. I have noticed that for strong people it is not so easy to receive help, but it gives an extra dimension to who and what a complete human being is. Not the person who is proud and boosts that he/she doesn't need anyone, but the one who is at least not afraid of saying: I need you. And in your case, I am so happy that you got all the help and can now do again the things that you had to leave behind for such a long time. Although your thoughts were always with your work.! Bless you!

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