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Healing Garden Tended With Love

--by kmbhai, posted Sep 26, 2020
Healing Garden :–

The healing garden began with just 4 plants. Now I have more than 50 herbs and plants in the garden. It was not easy to create a healing garden with the courtyard’s limited space.

It requires regular care and I didn’t have much time, so in the beginning, many plants went dry due to lack of proper care. My isolation gave me an opportunity to care for the plants and develop a beautiful garden. In the period of lock down, I bought more plants with big planters and started caring for my plants in the morning and evening.

Proper watering, giving fertilizer at the right time, removing grass and maintaining the ratio of sunlight and shadow. After much hard work, now the healing garden is ready to heal you.
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Readers Comments

Rajni wrote: Kmbhai you are doing good job of raising a healing garden. Hope it will heal many people. May others get inspired to follow suit.
petroskryf wrote: Such a lovely concept. Thank you for sharing this. Yes, let the healing begin. 🦋🌸
gardengal10 wrote: That is so beautiful. Let the healing begin.
Andicas wrote: How wonderful.
TheBigShelb wrote: That is awesome!
Mish wrote: You put your extra time to good use, Kmbhai..Awesome 👍
mindyjourney wrote: So lovely, dear kmbhai! 🌸 I can feel the healing vibes 😊. Thank you.
janfour wrote: just magical
SissyLee wrote: Plants are such wonderful teachers and healers.
Khokha wrote: Thank you, Kmbhai! Your effort is really rewarding!

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