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Donated Some Books

--by kmbhai, posted Oct 5, 2020
I donated some books and stationery materials to some children, who are living in the slum area and were not able to buy books.

Covid19 has not only affected our health but also affected other parts of our life. Especially these  children’s lives. So many families have lost their jobs and work. It is very hard for them to arrange food for the whole family. Then how can they afford children’s education?

So I gifted books and stationery materials to those children.
So, they can continue their education and enjoy their lives.
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mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for donating to those in such need, my friend 📚. It’s sort of like the Little Free Libraries :)))
TheBigShelb wrote: What a wonderful, caring thing to do.
janfour wrote: so great - thank you
Mish wrote: Bless you for caring & sharing, Kmbhai.🙏
Khokha wrote: Good job, Kmbhai!

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