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Clothing That Matters

--by kmbhai, posted Oct 15, 2020

On the street near my home, an old rickshaw puller wearing no shirt was passing by. His body was wet with sweat and he seemed very shy. He requested from me a t-shirt. The humble request touched my heart. I went inside my home and returned with some t-shirts and inner wear. As I gifted him the clothes, he gave me a big smile. 

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pluto178 wrote: He asked you delivered this is the best kind of kindness x
Khokha wrote: Many times I used to travel with two suitcases: 1 with my own things and the other filled with clothes for people, who couldn't afford them. It was travelling lighter than light!
Khokha wrote:
Mish wrote: Blessings for both of you, Kmbhai.
mindyjourney wrote: Grateful rickshaw puller asked you, dear kmbhai ❤️. Thank you for giving so generously 🙏.
lt33 wrote: I know he was very grateful to have some clothes to wear thank you for your kindness you made a big difference to him 😃
Rajni wrote: Your compassionate heart did a wonderful job, KM Bhai. Opportunity came to you and you recognized it is very good too. Thanks.

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