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What Tree Would You Be?

--by flowergirl, posted Mar 25, 2010

I was walking through the woods with our 2 dogs that are spaniels along with my daughter and we were talking about trees.  

I said that trees felt like freinds standing there quietly for us and Heather, my daughter, said they were leaning over in the breeze to give us a hug.  She said if she came back to life as a tree she would be a cherry blossom tree so she could drop pretty pink blossom everywhere to make it pretty. I don't know what tree I would like to be but I think I would be a lavender plant  so my little flowers could help people relax, ease their headaches, lift their spirits and be used around the home to make it smell lovely.

What tree would you be?

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iferlamb wrote: I would like to be a lemon tree in the front yard of a home in a happy community with children who could pick lemons and make lemonade to sell in their front yard stand. I could enjoy their entrepreneurial spirit and also enjoy seeing so many people being refreshed by the lemonade.
Thanks for asking, that was fun!
warmth wrote: i would love to be a mango tree since i love mangoes :). Thank for this one, it is very sweet :)
unknown wrote: I would love to be the happy, the secure, the hope you feel through these trees :) When I walk under a tree canopy, I feel so much at home :)
Aurelia wrote: I would love to be an Oak tree with low strong branches for kids to climb. I would want them to visit me each day to climb for fun, or up high to read a book among the skies. I'd love to create a shady spot for a family to picnic under. And if I'm lucky...many birds will call me their "home" :)

Thanks for helping me think about that! It was fun.

vsoul wrote: Excellent thought and question Flowegirl !

I would love to be any tree that gives lots of greenary,shade and place for birds...
JuneBug wrote: I would be an apple tree...I love the thought of apple pies and other apple desserts warming the tummies of others ! PLUS they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away...:)
flowergirl wrote: thank you all so much for your replies ,i am so touched that you liked it ,love and peace flowergirl

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