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Lovingly Wrapped

--by guetv, posted Nov 9, 2020
Today, as I waited for a break in traffic to cross the road, I saw a woman in her car with her young daughter. Both of them were extremely overweight, making their small vehicle appear even smaller. The woman was smoking a cigarette as she drove. The daughter had her face glued to the glass of her closed window, looking forlornly out.

I caught myself thinking negative thoughts about them.

Then I caught myself thinking about things I could say to them that might ‘help’ them.

Then I caught myself thinking negative things about myself for passing judgement on this situation.

So I stopped thinking.

I started breathing.

I didn’t cross the street. I stayed where I was and breathed, not caring what I looked like.

I let all my thoughts go in the cold autumn wind that blew down my neck and chilled me. I let go of my thoughts and my expectations and I just breathed. I sent waves of kindness toward that woman and her daughter, mentally apologizing for my earlier thoughts. I sent waves of kindness to myself for wanting to help. I sent waves of kindness to myself again because I had managed to let go of my need to judge.

Most of all, I sent waves of kindness to you, my friends, for showing me the way.

I hope you all received them: they were lovingly wrapped.
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brooke wrote: Beautiful
Dobby wrote: What a wonderful reminder to all of us! I'm just starting my work day (2nd shift), but i can have the problems you described with my co workers. Will try to be more mindful of the thoughts in my head and correct course when necesary. Thank you!
cabbage wrote: Wow--what a beautiful share---thank you so much xoxoxoxo
OlivierChhu wrote: Beautiful post, which reminded me to breath as well, thank you very much :)
mish wrote: Such a beautiful post...truly. x
brindlegirl wrote: You are such a beautiful human guetv
pluto178 wrote: Oh I so love you and your think I am not alone... I do the same thing if I find myself making a judgement. You have made me laugh this morning, great medicine. x
wavingatyou wrote: Deeeep inhale ~ ah there it is :) thank you <3
mindyjourney wrote: Oh, thank you!! Your loving kind thoughts reached out to all with your intent and mindful breath. Continued blessings.
melnotes wrote: And that is why you are community member of the week :) The breath is our friend, its there for us whenever we need it, waiting for us to tap into the control we have over it. It was a yoga class recently that taught me this, one of the best lessons in life yet. Breathe in, breathe out. I am in control :) Namaste.

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