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Making Change Counts

--by gardengal10, posted Nov 27, 2020
The weather has been like late summer this week, even though it is November. It won't last, but I've taken advantage and walked every day. I tend to reward myself with a coffee from the little church-run cafe that I pass on my way home.

During this time of Covid, everyone seems to be running short of coinage. I took a handful with me today and paid with exact change.

I exchanged the remainder of my coins for paper money. The clerk was overjoyed and said that they can always use coins, no matter how small the amount.
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Rajni wrote: Very kind of you. Consideration counts. Very inspiring.
Christine88 wrote: Very nice.
TheBigShelb wrote: Great idea!
Mish wrote: You did a good deed 👍
Khokha wrote: Fantastic!
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for sharing your coins! :))) And for enjoying the nice weather walks :)

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