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Kindness Repaid

--by Helenconnell2, posted Nov 25, 2020
I had a lovely experience of rewarded kindness today.
I was shopping in the supermarket and found a packet of corn thins which were gluten-free to give to my daughter when she comes home for Christmas next month. I couldn't see a price for them but I didn't mind what I paid.

I joined a queue to exit and a man with four thins in a basket was going to queue behind me. I looked at him and asked if that was all he had. He nodded so I told him to go ahead of me.

He was through very quickly as I expected and the till-operator began scanning my items until she came to the packet of corn thins because they were coming up 'Product not found.' She asked for assistance and a member of staff went to look at the shelves. He came back a couple of minutes later and handed me the pack 'I couldn't find the price either so I'll give you them, it's not worth holding the queue up.'

I was so surprised I just said 'Thanks' and put them away!
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Rajni wrote: Consideration in action. Thanks
Sandy Remillard wrote: God works in mysterious ways.
Mish wrote: So cool 👌🏻
mindyjourney wrote: Those corn thins were meant for you to give :))))))
Khokha wrote: Lucky you!!!

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