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Out of Nowhere, help arrives

--by Christine88, posted Dec 6, 2020
This morning on the way to work I stopped to get a hot  chocolate at a convenience store. I didn’t have the correct credit card on me and went to my car to get it. When done, I locked my car door the old-fashioned way, using the manual lock, I shut my door. You know where this is going...yep, there were my car keys and cell phone inside the car!

I went inside the store and they let me use their phone to place some calls. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get in touch with anyone who could hlep. Note to self: Sign up for a roadside assistance program:).
After what seemed like forever, but in real time it was less than an hour, I started to pray for help.

Wouldn't you know it, in walks a Pascua Yaqui police officer. He came walking towards me, said, "Good morning, how are you?" I said, "Oh well, I could be better, I locked my keys in my car." He replied, "You did?!"

After inquiring about the year and make my car, we went out and he was able to get it unlocked! I told him he was my angel. I offered to buy what he was going to get, but he politely declined. 

Sometimes I have the opportunity to offer a stranger kindness; sometimes others are gifted that chance and I am allowed to humbly accept! 
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Mish wrote: Wow. I am so moved by this, Christine. Simply wow!
TheBigShelb wrote: Thanks for sharing this great story! Nice to know there are angels among us.
mindyjourney wrote: Grateful your prayers were answered, my friend! Receiving is just as powerful as giving 🙏
patjos wrote: how lovely
Khokha wrote: So kind of him, Christine. Thank you for sharing this!
DANCE wrote: so glad he helped you, sometimes we give, sometimes we receive, sometimes both!

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