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A Detour in the Journey of the Kindness Checkbook

--by iferlamb, posted Apr 9, 2010

I am writing this post following my earlier post 'The Journey of a Kindness Checkbook'.

In reading many of the stories here I have come to a realization that had not previously occurred to me.  Not everyone is comfortable doing random acts of kindness.  Post after post people talk about how worried they are to take that step.

After learning this I went down to the little bird store where I had given the lady who works there the smile transaction register.  I asked her if it was something she was comfortable doing.  She asked me to take it back, she said "It was not working out".  I did and apologized for not realizing that it may make some people uncomfortable.

I have now passed it on to a coworker who said she would love to do it!  I am waiting for the emails to come in to the designated email account I set up so that I can share it with all of you here.

I have learned that just because I am comfortable with something, even if it is nice, it doesn't mean that everyone is.

That is all we can do - learn and grow.

More to follow on the Kindness Checkbook....


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Wildstar wrote: I;m so glad you acted on your realization, since i think her feeling guilty for not doing anything would have been worse the longer she had the register, than it will be now that you have so kindly taken it back. Everyone has their own level of action they are comfortable with, but many will agree to try something that sounds so good, even if they are unsure they can do it.

I'm also glad you were able to find someone who was happy to get the chance to help carry out your idea, and will look forward to hearing how it goes.
merv wrote: iferlamb

It's a large step for some, but those become the most addicted once they discover the joy in the feedback from giving and helping.

You've done exactly right in relieving the lady at the bird store of the smile transaction register. Of course, now she'll feel guilty that couldn't use the register :-) Oh darn!

Just smile for her and she'll begin to pass it on.

In a week or two you might want to pass to her one of my favorite excuses to smile. "Smile at everyone because it may be the only smile they get all day."


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