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Hold On

--by mindyjourney, posted Jan 11, 2021

Hold On

this is the year LOVE 
will shine ever brighter still
filling all with PEACE

for our hearts are tired
exhausted with news of doom
discord and disconnection

covid overwhelmed
sick to our souls with worry
at the very brink
that is exactly
when the heart of us explodes
into a Lighter


allowing the LOVE
to reach past all distractions
setting free our wings

hold on dear ones hold
onto all the LOVE your heart
can hold and then let

it go

mj poem 12/24/2020

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Readers Comments

Leoliberty wrote: Hard to do, when all you want is to hear the music.
cyctw wrote: let. it. go. <3
Rajni wrote: Present time is beautifully expressed in words. Love is the law of life. Difficulties give us opportunities to share more. Thanks for sharing.
scully wrote: Lovely words and Hopeful for all the blessings 2021 will bring. Thank you my friend
pluto178 wrote: Lol I was seeking out the hidden words of peace on earth and good will to all men hidden in there lol. Merry christmas to you and yours x
Balou wrote: So beautiful words, so true! Thank you, Mindy!
Helenconnell2 wrote: Thank you for such beautiful words.
Horse-friend wrote: Lovely and the picture carries the Sentiment....
cabbage wrote: SOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL MJ!!!! Love this poem and LOVE YOU and your kind-full heart :-) Thank you so much for sharing
Mish wrote: Couldn’t agree more, twinner......enough already 😉

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