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A Tax Official Goes An Extra Mile

--by iferlamb, posted Apr 21, 2010

Working at a Bank as I do, one of my hats is being a lending assistant.  Sometimes we do loans for individuals buying vehicles from other individuals.  This is fine other than the fact that titles are a very hard item to "get right". 

As happens often in these types of transactions the title was indeed not completed properly.  One thing was wrong.  I received a call from the tax office!  The woman explained what was wrong and offered to send it from the Angleton tax office to the Alvin tax office since she noticed our customer is from that city.  WHAT!?!?!  A county tax office official offering to go the extra mile!?!?!  How NICE!  Normally you would receive the title back along with all of your paperwork with a paper explaining what is wrong along with a hefty late fee. 

If was such a nice change of pace to come in contact with this wonderful person who took the time to go the extra mile!  What service!  I'm going to write a letter of thanks for her kind act and excellent service in a not so service oriented business.

Hopefully that little ripple will turn into a GREAT big wave of change!!!



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luckyman wrote: A great post! Why don't you e mail your post to the tax official? He or she may consider joining our site.

Bless you iferlamb
innerjourney wrote: Bless the lady from the tax office. Thanks for sharing. God bless you too. Love and prayers, Manish:)

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