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Flip Flop Kindness For A Colleague

--by iferlamb, posted Apr 23, 2010

Things at my work are really good these days which is much better than they were last month.  One of my co-workers was giving me the silent treatment but that's all forgotten and forgiven now.

This weekend my fiancé took me shopping for my birthday.  We went to several stores.  At one store I found the cutest little flip flop bird house.  The coworker who I have forgiven for the silent treatment (previously mentioned) LOVES flip flops.  I think of her every time I see them.  I just had to pick it up for her.  I wasn't sure when I was going to give it to her (I was flipping back and forth) but in the end I decided to.  "What are you waiting for?" I asked myself, so I gave them to her today.

(This is just a random picture.  The one I got is cuter!)

She loved it!!!  She said it matches some little outdoor lights her sister gave her and a flag her daughter gave her so she's going to put it on her porch.  She gave me a hug!

It was very nice!

I have put an anonymous gift on her desk before with a smile card but she left it sitting there for a whole week maybe because she didn't know who it was from.  Anyway, that's why I didn't go the smile card route this time.  I got a much better reception with the direct approach.

Everyone is different.  Either way, I got a SMILE!


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Auth wrote: Where can i buy wholesale flip flops? I work in a tudexo shop and we are connected with a bridal shop and flower shop so for prom we are putting on a promotion where if the girl gets her date to rent through us she gets a free pair of flip flops. I just need to know where i can buy a bunch of them at cost or at least close to. I'm talkign like less than a dollar a pair.
luckyman wrote: Good idea! What is flip flops?
Elen wrote: I bought for myself a fitflop last december. It's so comfortable to wear them especially on shopping trips. The one you so generously gave away is so cute. I would be on cloud nine if i receive one - not only because of the design but the giving itself.
Jacinda wrote: Wow iferlamb what a terrific idea! Hope you have a great day! Love and smiles, Jacinda
Bluebell wrote: Looks lovely,here in UK people have loads of bird houses on their trees, I could not avoid imagining all those trees filled with flip flops ... impossible not to laugh. I am sure the birds must have a laugh too, imagine them taling to each other saying "you are no going to believe, I live in a flip flop" ... Love, Light and a Thousand Smiles, Bluebell
JuneBug wrote: Your gift is SOOOOO cute !!!! And to make someone's day like that is a WONDERFUL thing for you to do.My friend, Becki, would love this post. Sheis a flip-flop nut!...I'll send it to her...Thanks !!! :)
incognita wrote: that is really kind and cute of you! despite gettind the silent treatment you still went and did a lil somthing for that person jus to make them smile, Cute! its always little things people do for you that show that people are caring...

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