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Teaching My Daughter Kindness Towards Her Teacher

--by droundy, posted Apr 29, 2010

One year my daughter had a teacher that many children in the school didn't like very much.  I was also in the school and knew both that children did not like her, but I knew she was a good teacher, although demanding. 

My daughter came to me asking that I have her placed in another class saying, "All the kids in school hate her, mom. You've got to get me out of there." 

I issued a challenge instead and asked her to find out what would happen if she said something nice to the teacher every day.  I told her she find one compliment even if she might have to stretch it and say, "My you have pretty fingernails today. Or what a lovely belt you have."  She was soon laughing as we came up with more ridiculous things she could say.  She really did take my advice seriously and did give her a compliment daily. 

At the end of the year the teacher came up and told me that there was one student that stood out above all of the others in her teaching career and that was my daughter.  She was the best student the teacher had ever had  and how she hated to see my daughter move on because she was such a special young lady.  She said that from the bottom of her heart.



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Bluebell wrote: Lovely, it shows how kindness can really change the world one person at a time. Love and Light and a Thosuand Smiles, Bluebell

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