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Teaching My Daughter Kindness Towards Her Teacher

One year my daughter had a teacher that many children in the school didn't like very much.  I was also in the school and knew both that children did not like her, but I knew she was a good teacher, although demanding.  My daughter came to me asking that I have her placed in another class saying, "All the kids in school hate her, mom. You've got to get me out of there."  I issued a challenge instead and asked her to find out what would happen if she said something nice to the teacher every day.  I told her she find one compliment even if she might have to stretch it and say, "My you have pretty fingernails today. Or what a lovely belt you have."  She was soon laughing as we came up with more ridiculous things she could say.  She really did take my advice seriously and did give her a ... Read Full Story >>

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French reward

Following is an e-mail conversation between one of my students in Shanghai and me. I needed a little help as I twisted my fibula bone out of place. She sent me directions to a reputable hospital along with a map to get there and directions for a taxi driver. Then she wrote: "fI hope that my information could make some help. I know sometimes it is really hard to live in a foreign country. When my parents and I traveled to California, there were so many patient and friendly strangers in America helping us. We are grateful of that. Moreover, I sincerely hope that professor will soon be restored. All of us love you! Have a nice day!" I replied:"I am so happy to hear that the people you met in California were friendly. I have had the same experience in Shanghai. Once I thought to myself, "How come people are so ... Read Full Story >>

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