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Medical Assistance for Student Living Alone

--by kmbhai, posted Mar 27, 2021
I gave help to an ill student. He lives alone in a rented room, and his parents live in another city. A few days ago, he was suffering from some serious disease in his teeth. He was not able to eat anything and also faced problems speaking. No one was with him to take care of him.

He messaged me and asked for help. I visited his room and took him to the hospital and provided him with proper treatment. After taking some medicines and getting some proper care, he is feeling good and relaxed. I also talked to his parents on the phone and told them don’t worry, he is good, and I am taking care of him. They offered thanks.
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Readers Comments

Rajni wrote: Km bhai, you did a very good job. In the time of corona pandemic, it is very hard to get help. You helped the student in time. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks for sharing.
lindariebel wrote: Wow! Above and beyond.
Mish wrote: You came to his rescue. Bless you, Kmbhai. 🙏
Andicas wrote: That's a wonderful thing you did. It's terrible to feel unwell far from those who care about you.
truthunltd wrote: Keep it up. 👌
drjoybug wrote: Sorry he was ill. Glad he knew he could call you. Not surprised that you helped him. A beautiful blessing you are KMBhai, my dear friend.
petroskryf wrote: Thank you for reaching out to the young man! Your kindness is so inspiring, Kmbhai.🦋
mindyjourney wrote: You are a supportive and caring friend. Thank you for helping the student get the care needed and notifying his parents.

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