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Doggy Delivery

--by mindyjourney, posted Apr 18, 2021
I was expecting the delivery of a “surprise” gift from a kind friend today, so I picked up a box of doggie treats while at the grocery store to give to our delivery person.

“Do you have a lot of dogs on your route?” I asked the delivery driver when I handed him the box of doggie biscuits.

“I sure do!” he responded, shaking the box. “Thanks!”

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Jimbo46 wrote: Dogs are like kids! They love treats! Nice job mj!
Mistermindy wrote: Raisin bagels are my favorite. How did they know?
gardengal10 wrote: Hmmmm?
Mish wrote: My lips are sealed 😉
lt33 wrote: Such a fun video thanks for sharing 😁
Rajni wrote: Now dogs will get what they deserve, T R E A T S

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