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Tire checks, Candy, and Kindness

--by gardengal10, posted Apr 7, 2021
For the second time in several weeks, the tire pressure indicator flashed in my face on the dashboard of my car. The tires looked fine, but I took the car to the tire center near my home. Confession: over the weekend, I somehow managed to drive over a curb. The guys at the tire center checked everything out. They couldn't find a problem except for one tire that showed no damage but lost some air. Keep an eye on it, they said. For the second time in several weeks, there was no charge for the services.

Before I returned to pick up the car, I stopped at the local drug store and purchased a giant bag of miniature chocolate bars (135 of them!) to give them in thanks.

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Rajni wrote: Gratitude is the best attitude. You did a very good job of gifting candy bag. Kindness matters.
Andicas wrote: That's a lovely gesture, and chocolate is always so welcome!
TheBigShelb wrote: How sweet! 🍬
mindyjourney wrote: Sometimes the cold will do that to tire pressure. How nice of them to look into it for no charge 😊. Chocolates are great payment!
LoveyDovey wrote: Chocolate is the sweetest gift!

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