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Smiling Man Offers Chocolate

--by DANCE, posted Jun 2, 2021
We went for a beautiful walk in the woods. On our way to a lovely bench where I used to meditate, we passed by an elderly man who was walking slowly with a huge smile on his face.

I smiled back and said hello. He stopped, said hi, and asked if I wanted a chocolate bar. He pulled one out of his pocket. How sweet and kind is that?

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raevienne wrote: I did just that and you don't sadly get the same response here as they think it's something dodgy! I'm so glad someone else instead of me did it!
mindyjourney wrote: Very sweet connection, dear dance 💃 🍫!!!
scully wrote: Chocolate bars and sharing rock
Mish wrote: You attracted that kindness with your lovely a meet there, Dance. 💖

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