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Smile Deck: Ace of Spades

--by iferlamb, posted May 27, 2010

I recieved my new Smile Deck (a deck of cards with a unique kindness idea on each card) from  I have distributed a few of the cards (asking, of course, that they be returned to me as soon as the mission on that card is completed).  I have not yet heard back any stories from the cards I sent out but I look forward to hearing them and to sharing them here with all of you. :)

I drew one card myself.  It was the Ace of Spades.  The task on the card was to make signs about conserving water and distribute them in public places.  I used 'Word' to make the signs.  I put a pretty picture of a leaf with water droplets on it at the top and then listed 5 easy practical ways YOU can conserve water and then printed off a few copies. 

I posted one in the laundry matt near where I live. I put another on the Community table at the Library yesterday on my way in to during my lunch break.  On my way out I noticed it was gone so before leaving I went out to my car, got another, and put it back in the same place.  I thought that was awesome that someone liked it well enough to take it. :) I hope they implement the ideas.  I'm going back again today and if it's gone I'll put another in its place.  I think I'll add a Smile Card this time.  : )


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Zevelina wrote: Nice, use those cards and write again :)
sydskies wrote: That sounds funny, i like the person who took it and hope they took it for a good reason. It sounds like something i would do. So don't be discouraged. I also ordered a deck of those cards and can't wait for mine
ellen Benedetto wrote: Where are the new decks? I only see them as virtual cards. Are they available to purchase as well?
David wrote: You can charge a small printing fee (donation) for each deck sold to cover the costs, and sell them. There are a lot of peolple like me that would gladly pay for such a deck.
unknown wrote: lambie, I want to stick one in the library since I always see one of those taps need attention. So, maybe I shd do this and alert the authorities to do something about this poor tappie ... thanks for the inspiration, smiles together :):)
unknown wrote: hey lambie, I have shared my experience dear :) plz check it out :)
myfbil wrote: What were the ways you listed to conserve water? Thanks for the post!

Have a sunshine day! :)
irishgirl wrote: Hi iferlamb, i was out of town when you sent your message to me; if you've got any cards left i'd love to be part of the fun. Do you have perhaps a 2 of clubs? I love the ways to conserve water idea by the way.

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