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The Vehicle Next to Us

--by mindyjourney, posted Jul 8, 2021
The vehicle camped next to us was a brand new Class B - an upscale van-like camper w/all the modern conveniences. Funny thing though, the only time we saw our neighbor was when she came out to walk her cat on a harness leash.

Respecting her privacy, we exchanged brief pleasantries, but nothing more.

I felt whatever her story was, she could use some added PEACE, so anonymously left an engraved “worry” rock, along with a Smile card on the picnic table by her camper.

Everyone has a story, whether we are privileged to be privy to it or not. So let us respect and honor their space, while sending them good vibes and PEACE 🙏 🕊.

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unknown wrote: Fair enough ... I love that ☺️
Mish wrote: Walking her cat on a harness leash...I love that! A class act 😊. I bet she liked your kind give 👌🏻 We walked one of our 5 cats years ago...he loved it . He also loved sitting on the dashboard of our car when we went for drives. He was quite a character cat 🐈❤️
gardengal10 wrote: A very nice, quiet, gesture.
Rajni wrote: You acted nicely by placing peace rock and Smile card. A little can convey a lot. Even silence speaks louder than words. Sister Mindy, your creative kindness is very inspiring. Thanks.
SissyLee wrote: What an amazing trail of kindness you leave.

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