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Kind Accommodation

--by DANCE, posted Jul 2, 2021
One of my guests, the Japanese young lady, needs to move closer to work because it's too long a journey and too early in the morning to go from here.

She's been such a delightful guest that I thought I'd repay her by helping her find some accommodation in the city (she was struggling also with language and lack of experience).

It took a little while but I got her a lovely small flat for her to share with only one other person. She is so happy and grateful, and so am I! Helping each other, 'kindness is never wasted...' I shall miss her when she goes next week.
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dotmatrix wrote: Wow what a wonderful kindness. That's such a tough time for a young woman, especially in a new city and culture. I hope you can stay in touch. ♥.
gardengal10 wrote: That's a beautiful help. Nothing worse (I think) than trying to find lodging in a city that you're not familiar with. Thanks for the big assistance.
Mish wrote: She will never forget this kindness, Dance. Bless. ❤️
unknown wrote: What a sweet thing to do Dance ... esp when someone is unfamiliar with the language and even the place? Now she can settle smooth and thrive ☺️
Balou wrote: That was really kind of you, Dance! Such a big help, when you don't know the language and culture enough yet!
mindyjourney wrote: Always a kind hostess, even in finding more suitable accommodations for guest :)) 🏡. Thank you!

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