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A Surprise Gift

--by gardengal10, posted Jul 3, 2021
I worked at the same place of employment for decades. It wasn't the best job in the world, but it had its advantages. For the most part, I very much enjoyed the people with whom I came in contact.

I was working in the garden today, watering my poor plants that are very unhappy in this very hot, humid, lack-of-rain spell when a Fed-Ex truck pulled up.

I had ordered nothing. The driver jumped out and said: Here are more flowers as he carried a large box of cut flowers. It's not my birthday, anniversary, etc. I asked him if he was certain that he had the correct address.

I almost cried when I opened the box, saw the stunning bouquet and read the short note from a former employee. I have not seen, been in touch for well over a decade. She thanked me for whatever it was that I had done those many years ago to make HER retirement easy and "painless". I am so blessed.
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Rajni wrote: Kind acts never go in waste. It may take time but blesses the giver. You dearly deserved the appreciation. Thanks for sharing.
dotmatrix wrote: What a beautiful surprise. You touched her heart deeply it seems. And today she returned the favor. ♥.
Mish wrote: So nice!!!
fairykats wrote: That is a blessing, for sure. I felt the same way when I received a gift card in the mail from former employees when I retired and slipped away without a big fanfare. We do make a difference!
Balou wrote: What a beautiful surprise! Just shows how much your kindness obviously meant to her, that she remembers it after many years!
mindyjourney wrote: How lovely 💐!!! And just when you needed :))))).
DANCE wrote: How nice indeed

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