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Thank Yous And Farewell to My Favorite Columnists

--by gardengal10, posted Jul 18, 2021
Our big-city newspaper was purchased by a hedge fund. Over 40 employees have accepted a buy-out. Some wrote their last columns in Sunday's paper.

They will still have their work email addresses until this Friday.

Earlier today, I sent three of my favorite columnists "farewell and thank you" notes. They have enriched my life, written about topics that have caused me to think, provided a smile, and more. I will miss them.
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Drewtopian_1 wrote: Books and magazines are easier for me to read than newspapers because my disability makes it hard for me to flip several pages at once.
Mish wrote: That’s an awesome thing to have done for them. Sad this is happening the paper folding?
scully wrote: Glad you let the writers know they moved you
unknown wrote: This is sad to see them go. Glad you let them know your appreciation for them. And, for a moment I thought this is Mish's post, lol.
Balou wrote: Thank you for letting them know how much you appeciated their columns and articles! A pity that many newspapers are being bought up ... no longer really distinguishing journalism ....

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