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Kindness All Around Today

--by Rajni, posted Jul 14, 2021
Yesterday I visited a new branch of my local bank. I had to ask some people for directions. At a crossroads, I took a wrong turn.

Again, I asked another gentleman for directions. Rather than giving me directions, the kind soul offered me a ride to the bank, which I gladly accepted.

Kindness received. I am grateful to him and Sai Baba for sending him my way. I gave him a quote card. While walking, I handed out more quote cards, too.
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Butterkind wrote: Kindness takes care of itself :)🙏🏻 thank you for the sweet story 😊
scully wrote: Thank you Rajni for sharing your quotes
mindyjourney wrote: So grateful that a kind soul gave you a ride when you needed, dear Rajnibhai :)))).
unknown wrote: Nice to see people help you and you helping people.
Balou wrote: So much beautiful kindness!

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