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Kindness to Our Mother Earth

--by Rajni, posted Jul 29, 2021
I am trying my best to live plastic-free. For food storage, I use stainless steel containers. For grains and spices, I use glass bottles. You can see what my cabinet looks like! For shopping, I try to carry a fabric bag with me, but sometimes forget, so I end up getting plastic bags that I reuse. The following article may help live plastic-free, as much as possible. May we all help save our mother earth by being as much plastic free possible and inspire others. 

Plastic-free living for the whole family. This Plastic Free July, learn how you can make your household plastic-free.
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Readers Comments

DANCE wrote: Thank you for caring, you inspire me to be more mindful about this
unknown wrote: We're plastic-free too at home. I am looking forward to refilling groceries wherever possible. Want to avoid all packing covers and costs that could be put to use elsewhere ... may we all do our lil bit for sure.
Mish wrote: ❤️ 🌍❤️
scully wrote: Awesome example Rajni!
Balou wrote: Great! I may not be completely plastic free, but on a good way towards it .... main problem is that I often cannot buy things without plastic wrapping .... working on that ....
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for doing! That’s where we all want to be :)) 🌎 ❤️
gardengal10 wrote: During the height of the pandemic here, we could not bring/use our own bags at shops. Even though we are now able to bring our own bags, I have quite the supply of plastic bags. I am finding uses for them.
mnc_91 wrote: I am working on this as well. Thank you for the insporation 💖
dotmatrix wrote: Thank you, Rajni both for your example and for the article. ♥.
petroskryf wrote: Kindness to the earth 🌏🦋

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