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Following the River Flow

--by kmbhai, posted Aug 5, 2021
Our act of service today to our environment was to clean garbage and plastic from the banks of the Ganga river. 

 It was not just a cleaning program for the river,  but also an opportunity for cleaning our souls and our thinking.

We enjoyed it very much and we felt calm and motivated. Thanks to all participants for their time and labor. We will continue this work, grateful for the chance to help our environment through our actions.
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Readers Comments

DANCE wrote: Great work, thank you soooo much for doing this
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for doing such a mindful compassionate act for the waters/earth and selves :)
drjoybug wrote: Great works and reflective minds. Powerful combination
Mish wrote: ❤️ 🌍❤️
dotmatrix wrote: Thank you so much. ♥.
michelelpurce wrote: wonderful way to make the world a better, cleaner place. thank you. :)
mindyjourney wrote: Is this the Ganga River, dear kmbhai?
pluto178 wrote: I cannot imagine wanting to throw my rubbish out like that thank you for cleaning it up x
Rajni wrote: Motivating others to do kindness is very good thing. KMBhai, you are doing very good job. All participant deserve recognition.
Brad2 wrote: Great job, well done

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