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Just Love Coffee Cafe

--by mindyjourney, posted Oct 15, 2021
While looking for local restaurants to enjoy while camping at Chadron State Park (CSP), NE, I found the interesting sounding “Just Love - Coffee Cafe.”

The franchise began with a couple, who after incurring great expense while adopting 2 children from Ethiopia, began a coffee roasting/mailing and cafe business, with a portion of the profits going to help families adopt.

Enjoyed the good vibe and the eclectic menu and a nice chat with the owner about the Cafe premise and Peace doves -- by then I had given out a flock of them!I decided to purchase a gift card for the lifeguards at the CSP pool (we went every day while there and even witnessed a save!) and for the hostess at the Trading Post, who cheerfully agreed to allow me to set up an origami workshop next time we were camped there.
While waiting in line to buy the gift cards, I had a brief conversation with a young mom who was at a point in life where everything seemed a struggle, but she was optimistic, “Her father,” she said, smiling at her daughter in the stroller, “is away at barber school in Arizona. It’s the fastest track to getting his certificate. He’s Native American and his specialty will be in braiding. I work nights and have a sitter for her during the day, so I’m always tired. Hope I can get on days 

Following that “nudge,” I purchased another gift card and gave it to the hard-working young mom.  And when I did, she reached out to hug me, with tears of surprise.

As we hugged, I said softly, “Things will get better. Hold on…”

Just Love? Yes, with an extra dollop of kindness!
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DJ Smith wrote: Thank you for sharing your experience at just love coffee cafe in chadron. I work for just love's home office in nashville, tn, and can wholeheartedly say your experience is exactly what we hope occurs in our cafes. Our mission is "to be a catalyst for love" and you have lived out that mission in such a special way. We 'just love' serving special people like you.
unknown wrote: Thank you for sharing your kindness adventures with us, in particular, the one with the young mother 💗
Balou wrote: What a beautiful concept, a cafe of love 😍💖💗💓 thank you for again spreading kindness
Mish wrote: Sharing love in the Just Love - Coffee Cafe......perfect 👌🏻❤️
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Awww, I love this!
pluto178 wrote: Its good to talk you will have released some of her pressure. x
gardengal10 wrote: Mindy Kindness: always thoughtful and always at the right time and place.
dotmatrix wrote: Love, love love!
Rajni wrote: Sister Mindy, your kind heart always finds or creates kindness wherever you go. Thanks for sharing.
DANCE wrote: How super wonderful!!!

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