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Honest to God Miracle Answered

--by Christine88, posted Aug 11, 2021
My story is of kindness given to me. I went to make an extra payment on my electric bill and instead of taking $20 they took out my previous payment of $220. I had to wait at least 3 weeks to get reimbursed for the excess payment.

I started praying that day at work because my gas tank on my car was empty and I didn't have enough food to last me until the next payday. I posted on my Facebook page I need a miracle. I need an honest-to-God miracle.

A cousin of mine that I only recently started to converse with about two months ago messaged me asking what's wrong. I told him and he asked, "will $300 cover it?" I replied, "yes" with tears rolling down my face. I told him I only need $50 to help me out until payday, but he wired me $300.

When I told him that I would pay him back as soon as I got the reimbursement for the electric bill overpayment, he said, "no don't pay me back, pay it forward." Amazing kindness from a relative whom I know only through texting and messaging. I hope to meet my Miracle Cousin one day.
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Rajni wrote: Positive thinking and our burning desire works as law of attraction. God sends us what we deserve. You dearly deserve the gift.
Mish wrote: So beautiful! Brought tears. Your good coming back to you, Christine. Bless. ❤️
healingtree wrote: Lovely share.
Annabella wrote: I'm so happy for you and so touched by your cousins kindness!
kindness1st wrote: How generous! The universe delivers :)
Helenconnell2 wrote: Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story. X
kjoyw wrote: Beautiful gift! It is a good thing you allowed him to do give you what you needed and you received his gift. How kind of him to just want you to pay it forward. He sounds like a special person.
leoladyc728 wrote: so very kind of him
mindyjourney wrote: Kindness is a miracle, every time!! Grateful you received, my friend :)))

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