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Strawberry Crepes and a Random Act of Kindness

--by drjoybug, posted Aug 29, 2021
Blessings accepted.

I went out to lunch to treat myself to some strawberry crepes. When I was almost done my waitress said my bill was taken care of. I asked why, thinking they got my order wrong somehow. She said another table paid for me, but they didn't want me to know it. So I asked the waitress to thank them kindly and left an origami dove.

Kindness is floating around. I felt blessed.

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LoveyDovey wrote: 🥰
Rose wrote: Crepes sprinkled with kindnes! . Who does doesn't love this?
Drewtopian_1 wrote: I feel blessed every time i read a story on this website.
kmbhai wrote: blessings to you dear friend..
Christine88 wrote: That is sweet.
pluto178 wrote: What a great feeling x
scully wrote: That is awesome, enjoy it
mindyjourney wrote: A double treat! Strawberry crepes and paid for too 🍓. How nice!
Margazhi wrote: What goes around comes around ... Strawberry yum yum yum 😋
petroskryf wrote: Wonderful to know kindness is everywhere.🤗🌻

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