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Bumper Crop Yields Friendships

--by mindyjourney, posted Sep 6, 2021
Our bumper crop of beets, green beans and squash went to good use.

We shared with the Center, library patrons, and with Lali and Archie - street vendors of Russian/Georgian/Armenian heritage - who then invited us to their home for borscht!
We enjoyed not only the BEST borscht we ever had (with a vegan option for our daughter-in-law), but the bloom of a new friendship as well.

Amazing where those simple acts of kindness lead, my kind friends.

Grateful for each heart-“beet” we share that links us all together πŸ™ ❀️ 🌎 πŸ•Š..
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LoveyDovey wrote: Thank you for sharing your bounty....beautiful!
scully wrote: Awesomeness
Rajni wrote: Friendship is such a nice thing that it mixes with anything, when we have base ingredient as LOVE.
DANCE wrote: Sounds like another wonderful share
LoveyDovey wrote: YUM!
pluto178 wrote: Looks jummy x
Mish wrote: That’s so great, twinnie! πŸ‘β€οΈ
Balou wrote: Yummy, Borschtsch!!! And nice connection!
Margazhi wrote: Just love how we can bond over food πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
michelelpurce wrote: it certainly is wonderful making new friends with acts of kindness. :) of ourse i call all friends that i meet they are old friends but i just met them. :)

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