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🍎 An Apple For The Teacher 💻

--by mindyjourney, posted Oct 7, 2021

After the tragic death of her husband and son in a small airplane accident, retired high school Spanish teacher - Cathie decided to build a winter home in a small village in Mexico.

She found healing through helping others by volunteering her time and energy: teaching English, providing funds to build a kindergarten, a children’s playground, plus many other local service projects.

Over the years, Cathie had gifted two computers of her own to students in need, enabling them to finish their studies and successfully graduate with higher learning degrees.

We felt that karma needed to circle back around. So, for Cathie’s birthday this year, we gave her an Apple - iPad 🍎!!!

Grateful to be a link in the karmic circle of gratitude and for mu husband's assistance in helping Cathie set up the iPad :))).

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dance wrote: What a generous gift!!! Is this the lady you visited some time in the past? I seem to remember...
Barb wrote: Well. Isn't that nice
Raja wrote: Feels great sharing this website with uber drivers. Trusting a driver can be hard.
Mish wrote: She so deserved your generous kindness, twinnie. Bless you all.
Rajni wrote: Appreciating MS Cathie for her good deeds is very inspiring. may others follow suit.
michelelpurce wrote: oh how wonderful! :)
unknown wrote: Isn't that wonderful ☺️ it's a very nice feeling indeed: I gave my Acer to an American student when I was there in the US in 2011. I am sure Cathie will make a far better use of her iPad than before. Thank you both ...
pluto178 wrote: Wow that some Apple lol. x
Lt33 wrote: Aww what an amazing gift you gave her of kindness circle all around 😁
LoveyDovey wrote: My heart is bursting!

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