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Warm Thanks for Veterans

--by myfbil, posted Oct 9, 2021
I am currently collecting and making afghans and shawls and collecting toiletries for our veterans in a nursing home. So far, I have 35 afghans and 10 shawls as well as various other items. These will be used as Christmas gifts for the veterans. I put out the word to let others know I'm collecting so hope to have many more by the end of November.
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myfbil wrote: Thank you very much. <3
scully wrote: Great job 👏
myfbil wrote: Thank you all for your kindness and your wonderful words of encouragement. I appreciate all of you.
lilacgrace wrote: So kind and thoughtful of you. Be blessed.
dance wrote: Thank you so much for doing this, such a gift
unknown wrote: May many benefit from your Nobel effort 🙏
michelelpurce wrote: how wonderful ! elderly in homes sometimes seem forgotten and especially veterans not in uniform. great way to show they are not forgotten. :)
myfbil wrote: Thank you all for your kind words and generous gifts.
I have been doing the afghans for about 5 years (maybe more) and have donated over 700 afghans as well as other items. I've been blessed with many helping hands and will continue until I can no longer do it.
mindyjourney wrote: Love this initiative, my friend! How many years have you been doing and how many items you think you’ve collected through the years? Thank you!
Mish wrote: This is so wonderful!!! Bless you for doing 🙏❤️🙏

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