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Pay Forward Well-loved Childhood Toys

--by gardengal10, posted Oct 17, 2021
My adult son was holding on to some childhood items: a wood train set and still popular character-related items. He finally decided that I should give them to a friend's child who is the right age to enjoy them. I was excited to pass them on and added a book of poetry and some picture books that were still in very good condition.

Drove to a friend's house this morning while the little guy was in pre-school. At some point, he will have a very nice surprise to play with. 
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petroskryf wrote: Kindness indeed. Brave too, because it’s sometimes not easy to let go. 👏🏻🌸
dance wrote: Nice share
elizabeth wrote: Not a fan of the word declutter, i like to see this as a super duper kindness opportunity? Makes me think of the movie toy story ii. Pure joy in sharing toys.
chacha wrote: Great to share!
Balou wrote: A beautiful surprise! Knowing that another child will play with it may even bring good own memories back 😊
Mish wrote: Great declutter give aways 👌🏻
pluto178 wrote: Waste not………….its great to pass things on x
mindyjourney wrote: Beautiful and mindful gives, my friend. A bit thanks to your son too :)))

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