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✌️ All Hands On Deck 💕

--by mindyjourney, posted Nov 29, 2021
My husband's recent knee placement surgery gave us ample opportunity to personally experience the kind and compassionate care of our Health Care Heroes.

From his recovery, he reflected, “Every single person treated me with compassion, with respect and kindness. To a person. From the doctors to the nurses, cafeteria staff, and orderlies. Every person.” And I agree! Overworked (hospitals are still CoVid challenged) and with workers taking on multiple roles as needed (one evening nurse was a daytime administrative assistant!), each responded to his healthcare needs with good humor and grace, even offering to bring me meals and beverages when there. *Marie and Mike - the day and night food service persons not only noted meal preferences but cooked and delivered the meals!

I tried to include everyone, from admitting clerks, food service workers to nurses, surgeons, orderlies, etc…with a Health Care Hero Karuna/Compassiona Dove Package ( for more info about), explaining how the Peace Dove was made and infused with extra Peace, Love, Hope, Faith, and Healing.

“We appreciate all that you do and continue to do. We know how this continues to take a toll on you and your families. Please realize that we are so very grateful.”

My eyes would tear with gratitude as each recipient granted me the space to voice our thanks. Often they would tear too, give a virtual hug
a fist bump and share a portion of their story.

Joel, the nurse with an OM symbol tattooed on his wrist - who found meditation and peace with the CALM app, released my husband the day after surgery, with 2 folders of instructions, a few hospital logo chocolate bars, and a really awesome insulated mug :))).

With each gift, each masked smile, each compassionate act, a deeper connection was made. A closer realization that we are all indeed in this together.

As he navigates recovery and physical therapy, we are looking forward to building more bridges with those “all hands on deck!”

*A HUGE thank you to all of our kind friends and family, who encouraged and supported us with the global reach of prayers, supportive texts, and positive thoughts.
**Another bow of thanks to my sister and brother-in-law who brought us dinner this week as a show of support.

***Hotel and staff nearest the hospital that gave us a discounted medical rate, plus a delicious breakfast and warm words of encouragement.

💕 Bless you all. 🙏
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dance wrote: such love everywhere there
Mish wrote: Reputable sources report hospitals are overrun by people who did NOT get the vaccines. Glad you & MisterMindy had gotten your vaccines.
mindyjourney wrote: We are so very grateful that we got our vaccines and are scheduled to receive boosters mid-Nov. I am convinced MisterM would have been hospitalized with severe CoVid affects otherwise with his breakthrough case in Sept. SD governor has stated that 90% of intensive care patients are unvaccinated. And on the front lines, health care workers are taxed to the limit with the unnecessary affects of rampart misinformation. Continued blessings to all who give their compassionate and knowledgable care to those in need.
lilacgrace wrote: Its heart warming to hear all this wonderful kindness.
Mish wrote: It takes a village, for sure 🙏. With you both all the way, twinner.
gardengal10 wrote: Beautiful kindnesses
Rajni wrote: Kindness reciprocates with compassion and gratitude in its own way. Hospital staff did a very good job of giving MisterM needed help. and care. You dearly deserved kindness from your sister, Brother-in-Law and others.
lt33 wrote: Glad mister Mindy surgery went well and that you had an awesome kind team by your side hope has a quick recovery + well needed rest 😀
unknown wrote: Universal Love given and received 🎊🎉🎊
pluto178 wrote: I was amazed at the extent of the kindness when I had mine done they knew what was ahead and where with you every step of the way ………even in the middle of the night such a level of kindness that was amazing x

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