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A Different Way To Pay It Forward

--by Helenconnell2, posted Dec 3, 2021
On Thursday, during Open House, I spoke to the Youth Worker and asked her if she would like to get gift cards for something other than food shopping to gift families during Christmas.

She was pleased that I asked her because she said that it is difficult to find suitable presents for teenagers. I was glad I asked and bought my first one for a clothing store.

It feels so good to be able to pay forward the kindness I've received over time.
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Balou wrote: Wonderful idea!
Mish wrote: Wonderful way to Pay It Forward, Helen 👌🏻
pluto178 wrote: Thats great and well thought out x
gardengal10 wrote: Teens are difficult to purchase for. Good idea to purchase gift cards and I'm happy that you were able to do that.
mindyjourney wrote: I so LOVE this idea, helen :))).
Rajni wrote: Very good idea. may others get inspired.

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