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Final Farmers' Market Day

--by gardengal10, posted Nov 21, 2021
Today was the last day of the farmers' market for the season. There is one small vendor that my friend and I have been patronizing. They have wonderful salad greens, delicious carrots and they are simply delightful people. We have had such fun conversations with them. As we made our final rounds this morning, I gifted them the last of my home-grown lavender sachets. I couldn't think of nicer people to give them to. It's just as well that it was the final day.  It was cold, dark, rainy, miserable.  Here's to next spring!
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Balou wrote: Such a kind gesture, I am sure they appreciated your thoughtfulness! Especially on a cold and rainy day!
dance wrote: Thanks for sharing those little sachets
mindyjourney wrote: thank you for giving them sachets :)))). Here’s to a restful winter and a spectacular spring! :)
Rajni wrote: In cold winter we all including that vendor need warm memories. You did a wonderful job.
petroskryf wrote: Those lavender sachets are such great gifts. I am sure they appreciated it very much. Especially because you made it.🧚🏻‍♀️💜
Helenconnell2 wrote: Lovely thought and I'm sure they will be appreciated!!
Mish wrote: I’m sure your showing your appreciation in this way meant a lot to them. Lovely to do this. 💜
pluto178 wrote: It surprises me not that you make home grown lavendar sachets it says so much about you. x

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