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The Crying Child at the Supermarket

--by mindyjourney, posted Dec 6, 2021
We couldn’t help but notice that the child was still crying. She cried all through the grocery checkout line and out into the parking lot.

“May I give her this? Maybe it will help dry those tears?” I asked her mom, holding out a paper poppy that I had just received after making a donation to the veteran’s display near the grocery store exit.

The beleaguered mom nodded a yes -- while putting her groceries in the car.

The little girl’s tears stopped briefly as she accepted the poppy, but resumed soon after.

Then, my great-niece Elise, who had just gotten 2 small toys from the lobby vending machine, announced, “I’m going to give her this! Ok?” and she held up something stuffed into a plastic ball.

Seems that’s exactly what the child needed to completely dry her tears and make us all smile! 😊 

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lindariebel wrote: Starting kindness at a young age. Beautiful.
dance wrote: How sweet, thank you and your sweet niece
singhharry1996 wrote: Awww, so cute and filled with love. I agree, Margazhi, we are all doing the best we can from where we are and teh moment we are in.
scully wrote: This reminds me of my daughter..she tends to cry a lot these days..transition to kindergarten..transition of the glad you cared enough to offer your gifts
ado wrote: Your great-niece Elise (my grandmother's name) was brought right. What Elise did helped the little crying girl tremendously due to unfortunately incompetent parenting and also providing the little girl a need that might have not been fulfilled. We need more of Elise in the world.
pluto178 wrote: Sometimes a cuddly toy is all that will resolve the problems lol well done Elise x
pluto178 wrote: My favourite music is Fur Elise x
Mish wrote: Kids know. Bless Elise ❤️
unknown wrote: That was a lil harsh comment Ado. While I am glad that Elise's choice turned out a great one, we gotta cut some slack for the poor mother. If she were inept, she can still learn unless found narcissistic. Let's not be too quick to judge.
lt33 wrote: Your great niece is learning from you Mindy such a great giver 😉❤

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