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A Rose-breasted Nuthatch Made My Day

--by mindyjourney, posted Dec 15, 2021
I noticed a rose-breasted nuthatch was very interested in me refilling the nut bird feeder, so I followed the nudge to place a peanut in the palm of my hand and hold it out.

With faith, that tiny little bird quickly took the nut from my hand and flew off.

Made my day! 😊

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lindariebel wrote: I love reading about human-animal connections! Thanks
cabbage wrote: Awwwww! Beautiful connection with nature
pluto178 wrote: Wow that is totally amazing they do know good from bad in our auras I am sure……I am trying to get a Robin to do the same without success just yet but it will be mind blowing if he does. Well done x
unknown wrote: Awww ... Very heart-warming 💗💗💗
Mish wrote: Oh, love that!
gardengal10 wrote: I am impressed. I'm happy if a bird or two will continue to eat as I stand near the feeder to watch them.
drjoybug wrote: You are channeling st Francis of Assisi!!
fairykats wrote: :D
Rajni wrote: Sister Mindy, your experiment just proved that 'Love is the only law of life. Your love to feed rose-breasted nuthatch from hand won love of it.
singhharry1996 wrote: Hahahha, how wonderful to be connected to nature in such a way. Being together living side by side

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