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Staying Strong Together

--by mindyjourney, posted Dec 24, 2021
Knowing that a little bit of Christmas would cheer my sister and her husband, we got the ornaments rolling and set up their tree.

Niece and her partner helped and by the time we enjoyed a holiday potluck meal, all was aglow especially my sister’s smile.

An extra difficult holiday this year, but we are staying strong in the memories and moments shared. 🎄 💕
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pluto178 wrote: I think this answers my earlier question I am so glad you are having this fun time together x
Mish wrote: Family support means so much. Beautiful Job🎄👌🏻
cabbage wrote: Beautiful! Glad you can be together
gardengal10 wrote: Wonderful togetherness.
Margazhi wrote: Thank you for cherishing these priceless moments with your sister. I so wanted to create this at my home but happy to see it happen at your household 🙏🙏🙏
fairykats wrote: Such a lovely, lovely tree. Blessings.
greenurlifenow wrote: That is so amazing! 💕
ado wrote: Very nice tree and kind of you to help your sister out and cheer her up. Thank you.
lilacgrace wrote: A beautiful tree, thank you for your kindness and generosity.🙏
Rajni wrote: Holiday cannot be difficult. It is our mind that makes us think so. Actually speaking, there are no difficulties in life they are lessons that we needed to make us strong.

Decorated tree will make your sister give more smiles.

Meal is a bonus for working with Christmas tree.

Sister Mindy, you did a wonderful job.

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