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Planting A Smile Card Surprise

--by iferlamb, posted Jul 1, 2010

Today I had nothing planned for lunch so I went to the Good Will store nearby just to look around.

I remembered that I had 2 smile cards on me. I also had 2 one dollar bills in cash so I folded the dollars and paper clipped one dollar to each smile card.  I then  decided to place them inside 2 different purses.

I think it will bring a SMILE to the people or person who finds them!!  It made me smile just planting them!


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Sanyogita wrote: U have great suprises for others. I wish you too,will get a suprise soon.
Namaste wrote: What a great idea! I'll have to try this sometime soon. Maybe prior to "Black Friday," the day after Thanksgiving which is usually reserved for consumerism. These tags would really brighten someone's day!
bwawili wrote: Nice! That is going to be a great surprise for the purse buyer.
Aurelia wrote: Ha Ha Ha!!! That's fantastic! I love that idea and may steal it!
:0) Smiles are Contagious, Aurelia
Jacinda wrote: What a terrific idea! Keep up the awesome work! I really hope you have a wonderful week! Love and smiles, Jacinda :)

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