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A Little Help in the Rain

--by iferlamb, posted Jul 5, 2010

This weekend a couple of my friends and I took part in a walk supporting a diabetes charity.  It was quite cold and raining the entire time.

As the walk got underway I noticed an elderly woman walking with a sweater over her head trying to find cover from the rain.  She also had with her 2 little children, her grandbabies I'm sure.  It was all she had.  I on the other hand was well prepared.  I had a rainproof coat from my husband and a poncho my friend had given me as well as an umbrella. 

My heart moved me to give my umbrella to this Grandmother.  I told my friend what I planned to do and quickly made my way through the crowd to where she was.  I gently patted her on the back.  She turned around unsure of what I wanted.  I offered her my umbrella with a smile.  "Here!" I said.  "But how will I get it back to you?" she asked? "Don't worry, just keep it" I replied, as I hurried back to try and find my friends in the moving mass of walkers.

I found my friends and rejoined them.  It warmed my heart to see her now shielded from the rain and also covering her grandbabies. 

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Readers Comments

heartofflesh wrote: What a wonderful person you are!
What you gave is much more than an umbrella.Something valuable you had given those 3, a lesson in kindness.I'm sure they're drenched in the showers of kindness and blessing!
Jacinda wrote: Iferlamb what an absolutely beautiful story and wonderful person you are! You have really inspired me for today! :)

"How beautiful a day can be, when kindness touches it!"
~George Elliston

Thank you for sharing :) I hope you have a wonderful week! Love and smiles, Jacinda
grapes wrote: You must be on cloud 9.
what a way of touching somebody in that need of hour.
and your intent is appreciated.!!
Aurelia wrote: Thanks for noticing! That's so beautiful. You showed her and those little ones that Kindness Matters!

God Bless...Smiles Are Contagious! :0)

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