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Showing Kindness to Families of Hospital Patients

--by kmbhai, posted Feb 11, 2022
Recently, our 'mini boy's library' program decided to visit  a hospital. We met with some of the patients' family members. As we spoke with them and inquired what support we could give, they requested our help in getting food service.

The boys decided to make and distribute food in the hospital and also to laborers and street vendors as many of them are suffering due to the pandemic. It was a good experience to serve so many people with food and provide them with masks.

The boys did a great job. Thanks to them for all their hard work.
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Christine88 wrote: That is wonderful
Drishti wrote: Great job
cheeka wrote: Great service. thanks
dotmatrix wrote: Many blessings, Kmbhai. ♥.
pluto178 wrote: I am sure it would be much appreciated well done x
drjoybug wrote: You are doing a good job in training these boys in civic duties and kindness. Bless you.
ado wrote: This is wonderful. Thanks for doing this.
butterkind wrote: Wow! What s nice way to look for opportunities and serve. Very kind and inspiring.
FARnanny wrote: Well done to you all! Such a great act of community service. x
Mistermindy wrote: Very proud of those boys. Glad to have met them back a few years ago when we visited you in Kanpur.

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