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Thinking Of Others

--by Helenconnell2, posted Feb 22, 2023
I've mentioned before that if I'm ordering something and by ordering over a threshold, I order something extra to pass the threshold and donate it to the Foodbank. I did that a month before Christmas and one of the items included was a box of oatbars individually wrapped, so I donated some of them and I put one in my daughter's gifts for Christmas or birthday (they are close together). The other day she told me how much she'd enjoyed it, so I ordered some more for her and the Foodbank!
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Balou wrote: Double kindness! So your daughter and somebody else can enjoy those bars!
Balou wrote: I as well love to donate - amongst nutritious and 'good' food of course - some yummy items to the foodbank ... everybody should have a treat now and then ...
Mish wrote: Spot on, Helen 👌🏻
mindyjourney wrote: Great extra giving, dear helen :))). Thank you!
ado wrote: Great idea and great that your daughter enjoy them.
Rajni wrote: Your heart filled with kindness did a very good job.
cheeka wrote: So thoughtful you are! thank you
SissyLee wrote: Hooray for oat bars! I love oats!

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