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Helping to Feed Others is Food for the Soul

--by Helenconnell2, posted Feb 27, 2022
The order I had placed for different food products arrived

Wednesday. It included oat bars and some other oat products. I put the part of the order for my daughter into a bag and put it in her bedroom.

From the previous delivery there was also a case of oatcakes which I had ordered but didn't need it for myself, so I put them altogether in one package to take to the food bank. All of the gifts were gratefully received especially the gluten-free oat bars which went into the special section for those with allergies and special diets.
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Balou wrote: Yummy kindness
unknown wrote: Very nice ...
Mish wrote: Well done, Helen. 👌🏻
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for keeping those in need, esp those who have a special diet, in your donation! :))
SissyLee wrote: Oats are so dang good!
Rajni wrote: You are doing a healthy kindness.
gardengal10 wrote: Good job!
pluto178 wrote: A job well done x

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