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Perfecting The Journey 🚙 ...

--by mindyjourney, posted Mar 25, 2022

During times of stress and uncertainty, the beauty of laughter and normalcy are gifts of immeasurable value. They refuel our spirits with glimpses of what is truly important and remind us that all will be well.

The hotel we have been staying at during our emergency layover in Kansas has been our port in the storm, providing refuge as we gather resources - mainly a newly purchased pre- owned vehicle, for the next leg of our journey home.

The housekeeping crew of about four Hispanic ladies have been especially inspirational.

Just by being happy at their work and enjoying each other’s company and camaraderie, they have given me hope and a smile when I didn’t think I had any left in me.

In appreciation, I wrote them a special note, along with a few Peace Doves and cash to share a treat together, and left them on the desk in our room.

Finding our way through the storm with an appreciative outlook keeps us focused on those blessings that we might have overlooked before.
Another lesson learned as we perfect the journey…

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Readers Comments

mnc_91 wrote: This is such a kind treat for me after long week at work. And a warm welcome after being away from this kind home for quite sometime. Thank you for inspiring us to continue to be kind even in a difficult situation.
petroskryf wrote: Sending you lots of love and hugs from Southern Africa. One mile at a time. Take care, dear Mindy.
Balou wrote: Your letter to them is so heartwarming and even brought a smile to my face! The ladies will probably smile and laugh all day after reading this! May the kindness you spread find it's way back to you and your ongoing journey be safe!
Mish wrote: Wow, reading your note to them brought tears to my eyes…your love is felt there & will hold meaning for these gals. Beautiful, twinner. Hidden blessings will reveal themselves# to you both as you continue navigating this latest challenge. Peace be with you both 🙏🕊🙏
pluto178 wrote: Despite all the problems you have had you still have time to think of others……… surprise there x
gardengal10 wrote: No matter what happens, you always find the good and better yet, the good finds you.
unknown wrote: I see you both reaching home safe and smooth 🙏
unknown wrote: And I echo Mish 😋
unknown wrote: I love the origami prints dear ☺️
SissyLee wrote: This is so lovely. I bet you really made their day. Hope you find a good vehicle to get you to OM!

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