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Sharing Peace Doves With Nurses

--by drjoybug, posted Mar 23, 2022
I gave out peace doves, quote cards, pamphlet about doves and smile cards to the nurses in outpatient care. They spend two hours everyday giving me my infusion of antibiotics. Several came into my room looking all aglow and thanked me.

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Mish wrote: You probably made their day, Joy. Well done. ❤️
pluto178 wrote: Wow that is some unfusion I hope its soon done with and you can relax again x
Rajni wrote: Your Kindness towards caretakers is greatly appreciated.
dotmatrix wrote: Joy I love this painting, but even more thinking of your kindness when you are going through so much. Healing and light. ♥.
cabbage wrote: You always spread joy everywhere you go--sending you lots of love and hugs :-)
unknown wrote: May you get well and may God bless these kind folks ...
Kmbhai wrote: Wonderful..
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for sharing those good vibes 😎 🕊!

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